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For more than 20 years, I had been struggling with losing weight and keeping it off. And in the last two decades, I have probably tried more weight-loss programmes than I can remember.

But, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. At a certain stage in my weight-loss struggle, I learned to crack the code of nutrition with the help of some world-class nutritional scientists, alhamdullilah.

Based on my long years of weight-loss struggle and nutrition certification, I have now created a practical, lifelong, and Islamic weight-loss coaching programme. Read more about it here. In addition to my coaching programme that runs for 6-months, I also offer a 7-day free course.

The goal of this 7-day course is for the course material to be worth more than the average subscription-based weight-loss programmes you will find online. For the next seven days, this is all you will have to do:

  1. Take action: Each lesson has action items – these have to be done to yield the best results
  2. Read: Set aside 5-10 minutes every day to read the lessons
  3. Become a partner in Lean & Healthy’s mission: Our mission is to help the Muslim Ummah get leaner, stronger and healthier. So, please spread the news and invite three people you know to register for this free course. Make sure to send them this link.

Enter your name and email below to join the 7-day free course: 


Within the framework of Islam and real-science, you’ve nothing to lose, except your fat!


After signing up for this course, check your inbox for the course content, which include an email with material for each day.

Still not convinced? Then, check out these testimonials from individuals who took the 7-day free course and the 5-star reviews on our Facebook page:

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Well, I must say your way is awesome, I mean wow, literally wow.
Safiya Syed
You have just put everything together so beautifully, Maashaa Allah, and the key element is the Islamic points. This makes it real and inspires action. May Allah take you from strength to strength to continue your excellent work
Faathima Abdul Kader
I am LOVING this newsletter series of tips - they are intelligent, very concise and no-nonsense! Plus I love the holistic angle and the sensible advice. Keep up the amazing work!
Umm Jamal


Facebook Reviews

  •   Maaa sha Allah we thank Allah for giving us such people who are willing to help the ummah in such beautiful and healthy way. Alhamdulillah may Allah increase you in eeman and grant u jannatul firdaus. Ameeen

    thumb Amin Guinko Adam
  •   Assalam Alaykum. Thanks fot the tips. Jazakallahu khair

    thumb Zahra Saleh
  •   It is amazing what this course has taught me, within a short period of time. I should just ask and allow you try it to prove me wrong..

    thumb Abdullahi Abubakar Kawu
  •   So helpful and enjoyable. It is really assist on all aspects of life. Shukran

    thumb Ali Ahmed Ali
  •   All I want to share with every one is that hard work is necessary for every desired goal .... Without hardword its not possible to reach the goal.... But intelligent actions are the starting of success .... Just want to tell you guys that follow the lean and healthy page and get intelligent information to stay fit .... Thanks

    thumb Junaid Bhat
  •   Thanks be to Allah for being part of this healthy revolution that is transforming lifes.

    thumb Hamidu Chodi
  •   I thank Almighty Allah to come across a progress from you, and I pray to Almighty Allah to give you more ilim so you can share it with us.stay bless

    thumb Sulieman Don
  •   Its a great course, imagine it's "free" worth a $1000 I love the last part of their mail "My heartfelt du’a for you to succeed in becoming lean and healthy!"

    thumb Babagana Shettima
  •   really we need to improve our body to protect it from the undetected challenges and because our body is blessing from ALLAH Jazakoum ALLAH Khir islmic online unversity this course for free with value information

    thumb Mohammed Nour
  •   excellent information given by you in the light of islam

    thumb Shahzad Alam