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  • 2 Surprising Health Benefits of Vinegar!

    Vinegar is perhaps the oldest health tonic known to mankind. It has been used for home remedies, household and cooking purposes all around the world for thousands of years! Though it has a wide range of uses, in today’s article I would like to share two distinctive uses of vinegar ...

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  • How these Myths Can Sabotage Your Weight-loss Goals

    When it comes to health and fitness, there is an abundance of myths out there. These myths are not only confusing but can also sabotage your fitness goals. So in today’s article, I would like to debunk the four most popular fitness myths so that you can act based on scientific ...

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  • Interval Walking: How To Gain More in Less Time

    Walking is the best medicine! It’s not only convenient; it’s also comfortable to do for most people. In this article, I’m presenting a short and simple interval walking protocol so that you can do it regardless of your location or schedule! You’ve probably heard about the latest buzzword HIIT (pronounced ...

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  • Why Health is NOT Wealth

    We often hear that “Health is wealth” without really reflecting on what this means. While money comes and goes, health is something that’s valuable and a lifelong investment. This article will show you how you can improve your health before it’s too late, inshaAllah. Like me, you’ve probably heard this ...

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