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  • [3-Minute Blog] What is Inflammation?

    Inflammation. What’s inflammation? You might have come across the term and be wondering what it means and how it affects your health.  The word inflammation comes from the Latin word inflamma, which means fire. Fire is beneficial if it is kept in check, and harmful if you let it run wild. The same rule applies …

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  • The Prophetic Sleep Routine

    Reading Time: 5 minutes and 49 seconds This week, I am going to help you earn rewards while you sleep, bi’idnillah!   It really is an excellent way to earning reward as a third of our lives are spent in bed.  As long as the following conditions are met, you will ...

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  • [3 Minute Blog] What Islam Says About Sleep

    Reading Time: 3 minutes and 4 sec In the last few weeks, we have focused on the scientific angle of sleep and how sleep influences every area of our life.  Today, I want to talk about sleep from the perspective of the Quran and Sunnah.  What the Quran Says About ...

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  • [3-Minute Blog] Why Poor Sleep Makes You an Unpleasant Person

    Reading Time: 3 minutes 30 seconds Sleep is incredibly essential for a healthy body and healthy mind. Dr Matthew Walker puts this so eloquently in his bestseller book, Why We Sleep: “Every major physiological system in your body, and every operation of the mind, is incredibly dependent on sleep, wonderfully ...

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